Hi Y’ll ,
Welcome on these blog, my intention for these blog is tell which books I have read and the progress of our Internet site which whole is dedicated to English books. I put together this with Ashleagh & Dark Huntress. therefore if you have interest look us up on our Website. I hope that I can give here information concerning books and Writers refer but for real interest I cite you to our forums.



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party for the website

Ha at last the first mailing has happened. A small group people invited to celebrate our success. They of course have no idée where the party is about, but we have fun.only to see there faces. I was thinking that we not on time with the invitations and I was concerned about my menu. Ahah such as most of people know, I am very precise on eating matters . So we’ve at arrival high tea, and as for Soul food.. I already sense the flavours of the corn bread, meatloaf corn sweet potatoes,  delicious aahahaahh. But what finds the rest of it. I’ll let you know.



Well well, Ash have done here best on the Internet site its up-load now. but something’s went wrong, but nevertheless I know everything will be al right. hahaha I have all faith in her. pffff 14 October we must be ready, then everything must be glamorous . then we have the party. I must busy myself on the invitations and the menu etc. etc. nice idea an introduction party where no chicken know for which they are invited . (LOL) and they accuses me that I’ve no sense of humour.and there is our own hunter how's in for a real hunt, on information and descriptions, gees I ‘m not doing that much actual. I concerned the forums and concerning the guest book. and that has been done. I get it more heavily (LOL I say with a smirk) with the daily control of the forums because we have two a Dutch and a English. The Dutch. The English. but there the ladies help with also.(Oké then they have to do permanently more than moi) no I’ve it easily so that I can keep this blog up well. hmmm the next time maybe I’ll do a book descriptions but now firstly of course our Internet site is on my mind.